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Week Five, Six & Seven Class Updates

Posted by Candace Riner on March 23, 2011 at 4:04 PM


Here we are again and now we are over half way through the course! It makes me sad to think about because I am having such a great time with the girls.

In my last e-mail, we took care of some housekeeping items of what would be going on in the weeks ahead. Here is brief refreshment.


 If you are not receiving updates or correspondence via e-mail please add [email protected] to your safe sender list. Also look in your junk mail folder to see if your e-mail provider thinks it’s Spam.

 If you or your daughter(s) are on Facebook and would like to keep up with information about Princess in His Image Ministries and class information, please visit the PIHI Facebook Page and become a member (Search: Princess in His Image or click on link in the e-mail signature below).

 If you have not already been to our website, please see the links in the e-mail signature below or go to and become a member there also.

 We are having an Overnight “Charm Course” Retreat for the girls to be held May 6-7 at the Ouachita Baptist Assembly near Board Camp. It will begin at 6:00pm on Friday night and conclude at 2:00pm with a closing ceremony on Saturday afternoon. A Registration form and flyer will be handed out in a few weeks. The registration deadline is April 15.

 Please let me know if you and your daughter(s) will be attending the Radiant Purity conference for ages 12-22 in Roger, AR on April 22-23 that I mentioned in the previous e-mail. There is also a Strong in the Lord conference for 8-14 held earlier that week on April 19-20 at the same location. If you will be attending either of these please let me know so we can all make plans for lodging accommodations and lunch together on Saturday.

 Please continue to encourage your daughter(s) to complete the “Write from Your Heart” sections after each lesson. Most of the time, we do not have time to complete it during class.

Notice: We will not have a regular class on Monday, March 21 due to Spring Break for the local public schools; however, we will have make up classes for students who have missed one or more lessons. We will have volunteers on hand to work with girls on what they have missed during the class. We will be ready for students who attend, so there is no need to contact me.


Now on to what the girls have been doing the last three weeks.

Week Five:

Week five was a great time. We learned about how to care for our hands, and to use our hands in ways that honor the Lord and serve others. We had special guest Mrs. Jean Humphries (Secretary from First Baptist Church Hatfield) to talk to us about properly caring for our hands. All the girls participated in soaking, caring for our cuticles, filing, buffing, and polishing our nails (base coat, color, and top coat). We talked about how lovely hands are poised hands and how to properly wash our hands to avoid germs. The girls were given a manicure/pedicure set to take home donated by Mrs. Carol Maechler (massage therapist).


Week Six:

What can I say…an adventure!!! We talked about foot care, but went much deeper. The adult and youth assistants and I embarked upon an adventure to say the least . We taught the girls the beautiful way to show love and heart for service as Jesus modeled for us by washing the disciples’ feet. We washed the girls feet, but more than that with Bath Junkie salt scrub donated by Dixie Nan (my mother’s maid of honor in her wedding/owner of Bath Junkie in Russellville). It was Spring Break scented and the girls loved it; except a few were ticklish…. The girls also had salt scrub hand massages and foot massages. It was a class full of pampering, but if you can believe it, we talked about hair too! Teena Brown from The Look Salon came to talk to the girls about how to care for their hair and what hair styles look best for the shape of face they have. The girls looked at hair magazines and got ideas on future hair styles. Needless to say we had a BLAST!!!

Week Seven:

Fashion Time!!! Last week and the week after Spring Break we are talking about fashion. On Monday we learned how to build a wise foundation for fashion and one that honors the Lord. I spent over 8 hrs during the weekend getting ready for this class, but I think I had fun doing it ;). I searched PCDC, Wal-Mart, James Super Save, and all my teenage connections for fashion magazines. I came up with enough to create a few posters of what to wear and what not to wear clothing items all in good taste though and trust me that is difficult to find these days. We talked about the comparison game and body image, the one that the world promotes and the one that God desires. We also talked about styles, shapes, and colors, and came up with some ideas of fashion guidelines that the girls were already aware of (some really good comments from the students I must add). We also talked about some savvy and simple suggestions to use as a guide so people don’t scream FASHION EMERGENCY when they see us coming.

I hope these updates have been helpful to you. Please e-mail or call anytime you have questions or concerns regarding the class, your daughter or other events. That’s what I’m here for!


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