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Week Two, Three & Four Class Update

Posted by Candace Riner on March 23, 2011 at 4:00 PM



Here we are already going into Week Five! Time is flying by, but we are having a wonderful time in class. Please forgive me for not getting the last three updates sent out in a timelier manner. I currently do not have a computer of my own at home and during the week I have not found time during my lunch breaks to send something out.


In this update I will give you a brief overview of what all we have been doing since the last time I had correspondence with you. Before I do, I want to take care of some housekeeping items so you are all informed of what is and will be going on in the weeks ahead.


• For those of you not receiving updates or correspondence via e-mail please add [email protected] to your safe sender list. I have had several people tell me that the e-mails I send go to their junk e-mail.


• If you are on Facebook and would like to keep up with information about Princess in His Image Ministries and class information, please visit the PIHI Facebook Page and become a member. See the link in the e-mail signature below.


• If you have not already been to our website, please see the links in the e-mail signature below and surf right in and become a member there also.


• I have receipts available for payment for the class for those of you who would like to pick them up at the window after class. I will have a youth helper available to assist you.


• We are planning an Overnight “Charm Course” Retreat for the girls to be held May 6-7 at the Ouachita Baptist Assembly near Board Camp. It will begin at 6:00pm on Friday night and conclude at 1:00pm with a closing ceremony on Saturday afternoon. Please read the information below for more information.


• The retreat is optional for the girls, however all girls and parents/guardians/grandparents are encouraged to come for a special closing three course lunch at 11:30am on May 7. The meal cost will be $5 per person.

• There will be a $25.00 fee for girls who would like to attend the Retreat. This will cover costs of dinner on Friday night, Breakfast Saturday morning, and the Lunch on Saturday as well as some special time of pampering on Friday night and a gift the girls will receive to use during their quiet time that they will take home.

• The closing ceremony will be a time of fellowship with family and friends and to honor each student individually as she has completed the course. There will be music and the opportunity for girls to dance with their fathers/grandfathers and time for girls to have tea with their mothers/grandmothers.

• During the retreat girls will attend a session on “Our New Look in Christ” and “Purity…A Priceless Commitment”. Also the girls will have time to practice and apply all the techniques they learned during the duration of the course. They will also learn the importance of quiet time with God each day and enjoy a time of praise and worship and fellowship with their friends. Please register your daughter no later than April 15. I will have a registration form available in a few weeks.


• I will be attending the Radiant Purity conference for ages 12-22 in Roger, AR along with my youth helpers in the class on April 22-23. This is a Bright Lights Conference which will be held at Immanuel Baptist Church on Friday evening and all day Saturday. There is also a Strong in the Lord conference for 8-14 held earlier that week on April 19-20 at the same location. However, I am not sure that I will be able to attend that conference. I am extending the invitation to all students and parents who would like to attend. I will be beginning a Bright Lights group for girls this Fall which is the organization hosting these conferences. I would love to see some of you there. I have attached information the flyer and registration form. You can also go online and register. Here are the links to the information for each conference:

Strong in the Lord:

Radiant Purity:


• I will be holding a make-up class this Saturday, March 5 at 2:00pm-4:00pm for girls who have missed one or more class lessons. It will be an abbreviated version of the specific lesson which was missed. Please notify me by Friday if your girl will be participating. No snacks or refreshments will be served during this time.


• We will not have a regular class on Monday, March 21 due to Spring Break for the local public schools; however, I will be available for any student who would like to make up a missed lesson. So this date will be an additional make-up class time for any participant who has missed one or more classes. Please contact me by March 18 if your girl will be participating.

• Please encourage your girl(s) to complete the “Write from Your Heart” sections after each lesson in their workbook. Most of the time, we don’t not have time to complete it during class.


Now on to what the girls have been doing the last three weeks…


Week Two:

The girls learned the importance of taking care of their physical bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and learned that their bodies are wonderful and unique. The girls learned that the foods they eat affect their entire bodies not only physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. We also discussed how we respond to stress and how better to deal with stress when it occurs. One of my dearest friends Tonya Moore came to talk to the girls about diet and exercise. She is a fitness and nutrition guru and is an excellent Christian role model. The girls enjoyed her visit.


Week Three:

During our time together this week, the girls learned how to be Positively Poised. This lesson helped the girls identify what good posture habits were and to better understand the importance of their walk with Christ. The girls got experience with standing in front of the mirror to find what perfect posture looks like and how to sit and bend down properly.


Week Four:

We had a special guest from Mrs. Pamela Peters a retired school teacher and wife of my employer Dr. Marvin Peters (Associational Missionary for the Ouachita Baptist Association). She shared with the girls tips on how to apply makeup and while I applied makeup on two of our youth helpers. One girl was to show how not to apply makeup and the other had the natural look we want to strive to have when applying and wearing makeup. At the beginning of class all of the girls learned practical steps of how to care for their faces through proper cleaning. They also learned about what their face says through the expressions that we portray to others. The 13-14 year old girls were allowed to apply appropriate makeup while I did the demonstration on our youth helpers.


Please let me know at anytime if you have concerns or questions regarding the class or other events. You can e-mail or call at anytime.




Candace Riner

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