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Bright Lights (Coming Fall 2011)

Bright Lights vision is to encourage young woman to live the years of their youth fully for Christ, to provide edifying fellowship and accountability, and to be a group which will minister to others.

BRIGHT stands for Being Radiant In Godliness, Holiness, and Testimony.

Meetings will begin Monday, September 5, 2011. The meetings will be held at the Ouachita Baptist Association Conference Center. For more information e-mail Candace Riner at [email protected].

What is a Typical Meeting Like?

If you were to attend a Bright Lights meeting, what would it be like?

At each meeting the leader shares a lesson covering important topics that are essential for girls in order for them to be strong for the Lord in their youth:

Developing a Close Relationship with Parents

Gaining a Clear Conscience

Spending Time in God’s Word Everyday

Keeping Yourself Pure from Polluting Influences

Accepting the Way God Created You

Choosing Wise Friends

Contentment, Sensitivity, Humility, Self-control, and many other practical topics

At Bright Lights meetings, we also enjoy singing, fellowshipping with likeminded young ladies, listening to biographies of great Christians from history, preparing for future ministry opportunities, enjoying other activities together, and snacks (often with tea in china tea cups).

Each girl receives a Bright Lights binder that she brings with her to the meetings each week. After each lesson, she receives a new handout to add to her binder. The Bright Lights curriculum is organized into eight sets.

Bright Lights Information

Young ladies everywhere are struggling. On a daily basis they are bombarded with temptations and must stand against the powerful, cultural influences all around them. They need to know God’s Word and the Biblical answers to their daily struggles. They need Scriptural teaching in practical areas such as relationships with parents and siblings, honesty, purity, friendships, contentment, life-purpose, and defending the faith. They need godly role-models and accountability. They need vision for what the Lord can do through their life—especially their teen-age years. This is the heart cry of Bright Lights.

As Christians, our responsibility is to make disciples—to win others to Christ, to lead them in a close walk with God, to establish them in the ways of the Lord. As women and young ladies, we have an amazing calling and a huge responsibility to reach out to younger girls and lead them to Christ. And if possible, our desire is to reach them while they are still young; to lay godly foundations while the hearts of young ladies are still soft and moldable; to establish firm convictions in their lives that will be safeguards of protection in the days to come; to prepare them for the teen years, challenging them that their youth can be powerful and fruitful years of ministry for the Lord (not years of irresponsibility and rebellion as the world teaches). 

Bright Lights is for girls ages 10-13. These important years are just before the fork in the road when young people make choices about which direction they will go. The goal of Bright Lights is to give young ladies the training and preparation they need so that they can make it through their teenage years strong for the Lord without rebellion or failure.