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The New Christian Charm Course

Preteens and teens will love their new look---inside and out!---after they're done going through this biblically based beauty course. They'll learn that true beauty comes from the heart, not just their appearance, and get practical guidelines for dress, grooming, table manners, diet, Bible reading, posture, prayer, and more. Concentration will be specifically on the heart while encouraging modesty and purity. Our main focus will be on how awesome it is that we have a God who accepts us for who we are.

Emily Hunters bestselling Christian Charm Course (185,000 copies sold) has updated content and a fresh design for today’s young woman. Classic charm encompasses the body, mind, and soul. This training leads girls in the ways of manners and godliness as they....

•  discover what spiritual and physical beauty look like

•  learn to walk, stand, and move with poise

•  chose fashions that are flattering and personal

•  embrace etiquette in all areas of their lives

•  increase their commitment to prayer and Scripture reading

Teen girls will exude confidence through their style and grace and in their newfound ability to communicate their faith—the source of their confidence.

Come join the fun with Candace and a team of lovely ladies and teen leaders as well as special guests as we discover our true beauty in the Lord.

Please contact Candace at [email protected] for more information or to secure a spot for your Princess in the class.