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Christian College Preparatory Class

This class is for recent High School graduates and first year college students. Classes will be held at the Ouachita Baptist Association office in Mena. Cost is $75 and covers required literature and refreshments. There will be 8 total hours of instruction and discussion in the duration of the class. Young adults will explore 8 Crucial Realities: Relationship Realities, Realities of God's Will, Personality and Communication Realities, Real Authority, Money Realities, Lifestyle Realities, The Dark Reality of Lies, and Spiritual Reality. These realities will provide tips and practical insights for living in line with God's Word and principles.

Participants will also learn how to avoid self-imposed difficulties or "soul toll." By following guidelines presented in this material, young adults will be able to create foundational, lifelong patterns for true success. Reflection questions at the beginning and end of each section provide opportunities for self-discovery and growth.

Class Literature: 8 Crucial Realities: Successful Choices for Graduates by Lissa Raines and How to Stay Christian in College by J. Budziszewski.

Classes will be held from 5-7 PM on Tuesday July 19, Thursday July 21, Tuesday July 26, and Thursday July 28.

For more information contact Candace Riner at 479-747-0115