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I just wanted to write a thank you. I was watching Ashley dance in her room tonight and it warmed my heart. You are wonderful with her and have taught her wonderful things. You have helped create memories, thank you. You are truly wonderful with children and my child is blessed to know you. Thank you for all you do.

Brandi Titsworth

Satisfied Mom

Candace, I wanted to make sure you knew that Courtney wants to continue with lessons in the Spring. She loves Ms. Candi! The recital was wonderful. Thank you for everything you do for Courtney.

Wendy McDaniel

Satisfied Mom

Thank you Candace. Carlee loves you! You are a wonderful teacher and thanks for all you do!

Michelle Boehler

Satisfied Mom

Candace, It is a blessing to find a dance instructor that has the same desire to "know" Christ and to live a life striving to be like Christ. Moriah wants to start dance and baton so badly and we desire for her to be instructed by someone with the same Godly desires as we have. It gives me such delight to know that the same values and morals we teach will continue to be instructed to her through dance class and she will not just be a part of a secular dance class where I would have to be worried about the music choices and the type of dance moves and such. Moriah doesn't have any friends to play with and desires to meet other little girls her age. We have hope that God has opened this door for this opportunity to meet other children her age along with instilling Godly character. In Christ,

Dawn Lea

Satisfied Mom

Candace, I just wanted to tell you I am so glad I decided to put Bailey in dance class this year! She loves it. You do such a great job with the girls!! You're so kind and patient! You're such a beautiful person, inside and out! I look forward to watching Bailey learn from you over the years!

Betsy Busch

Satisfied Mom